"La Muerte" CC-L

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This is our second collaboration with Sneakreaper Industries. Ever since meeting Ed Calderon at a USN Gathering several years ago, we have been impressed by his work in counter custody training and unconventional edged weapons work through Ed's Manifesto. We also really dig his "Sneak Reaper" logo, so it seemed like a no brainer to bring his artwork to our ultra-light, razor sharp CC-L series knives. 

The "La Muerte" CC-L is a titanium credit card knife, with a razor sharp carbidized edge in our STG black finish. Unlike some other credit card tools, the CC-L is built for a singular purpose - to give you a razor sharp edge that you can always have with you. Slightly heftier than the normal CC-L, the STG Black version is constructed from .032" thick 6Al-4V titanium. Deeply impregnated carbides at a Rockwell Hardness of 72 provide a long lasting, razor sharp cutting edge. The perfect back up blade for any situation.

Our STG Black is not a coating. It is a precisely formed Alpha Case, which is produced by a tightly controlled intense heat, developed from an industrial fiber laser. The resulting finish is not only visually stunning, but enhances performance substantially with a decreased coefficient of friction, and enhances durability, at a Rockwell Hardness near 90.


  • OAL: 2.1 in x 3.4 in
  • Weight: .4 ounces
  • Material: 6Al-4V Titanium
  • Thickness: .032 in
  • Edge: Deeply Impregnated Tungsten Carbide, at RC 72

Limit 2 per customer