About Us


Welome to Mummert Knives. 


All of our knives are hand made by myself in a very small shop along with my wife Nadine, who does most of our sheath work, in Vista, California. We source all of our materials from U.S. dealers, and use local businesses for our cutting and engraving jobs.

My design emphasis is one based on ergonomics first. I believe a good knife should function as an extension of the users hand and, as such, should be both comfortable and secure in the grip. All of my designs start from the handle and grow from there.

Most of our tactical knife designs are hollow ground on the primary edge, with a convex ground tip. This gives the user both the fine cutting edge afforded by a hollow grind, with the durability and piercing power of a much more robust tip. Our tomahawks and axes both have convex ground primary edges for increased durability during impact strikes.

Due to our close proximity to the ocean here in San Diego County, We focus on using materials that can withstand highly corrosive environments such as salt water. Composite handle materials such as carbon fiber, G-10, and Canvas Micarta are used for most tactical knife handles, and all-titanium hardware on our fixed blade tactical knives, hawks, and axes. All of our tactical knives, hawks, and axes are produced in 6Al-4V Titanium with tungsten carbide bonded edges.

Our Tactical knives are also offered in high grade steels such as CPM S30V, CPM 20CV, and CPM 154, while most of our kitchen cutlery is done in AEB-L – a very high grade of stainless steel originally developed for razor blades.

For questions, comments, or customer service, you can reach us at marc@mummertknives.com or 619-228-9300.