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Designed primarily as a substantial last ditch backup knife, the RYAD was named after what it is meant to do - Ruin Your Assailant's Day. The 4.9" recurve dagger is complex double convex ground to a zero bevel edge, allowing the RYAD to excel in both slashing and deep penetration. Solid titanium construction will never rust and is 100% non-magnetic. A deeply carbidized edge at a rockwell hardness of 72 ensures superior edge retention.



  • Full Dress Collector Grade with fine satin finished bevels, tumbled flats and bronze heat anodized with high heat anodized edge
  • Custom leather sheath by Nadine Mummert with Mummert Knives™ custom titanium clip
  • Edge: double edge at 4.9 in
  • OAL: 7.0 in
  • Handle: titanium, width: 5.7 in
  • Weight: 4.75 oz. (without sheath)